This beautiful initiative arose, with the sole objective of being able to express in a different way the importance of feeling proud of our purest essence, without filters, without judgment... and being able to transmit this powerful message to those around us.

We made a call to all the women who live in Playa del Carmen, the message was "You want to participate in a photo session that we are organizing on the beach, the only thing you need is to come with your bikini on and that's it."

It was 7:00 am, we were on the beach very excited but without knowing what was going to happen next, little by little we adopted a place in the session and then yes, the magic began, in a very natural way we all began to trust with ourselves and with the rest.

Throughout the session we became aware of the great discomfort that sometimes showing ourselves as we are causes us, we were aware of how fighting we are with our body on some occasions, however one of the greatest learnings that we took away It is the importance of being in a safe environment to be able to feel proud of being who we are. For us it was very satisfying to be able to create this type of spaces and thus contribute to the important cause of female acceptance and empowerment.

In the end we all ended up dancing, jumping and screaming all over the beach in bikinis, forgetting all judgment and we were able to enjoy, celebrate and value everything we gave off.

Thanks to this session we connect with women of different ages, personalities, nationalities and together we begin a journey of self-exploration towards our most natural version, which is also the one that scares us the most.

Liliana Cabrera